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At Cheung Tang & Rosemount Solicitors, our lawyers have a wide range of experience, spanning a broad spectrum of practice areas, including:

Real Estate Litigation

A person’s estate is the total of all of their assets minus their debts. Their property is either real property, as in real estate, or personal property, which is everything else. When someone dies, estate litigation is concerned with determining and executing the true intentions of the decedent in regards to the distribution of those assets. Learn More

Commercial Real Estate

Our lawyers have years of experience in assisting our clients with contracts for buying and selling commercial real estate. We are experts in providing services for complex litigation. We can help you deal with an irresponsible tenant or represent tenants in tenants’ rights cases.

Real estate loan documentation is one of our important services. When it comes to 1031 exchanges, we can help you manage your tax exposure whether it concerns single or multi-tenant office buildings, multi-family apartment buildings, industrial complexes and warehouses, retail shopping malls, and 1031 REITS (real estate investment trusts).

Land Use

Our experts in land use law assist clients in planning, zoning (residential, commercial, industrial), subdivisions and annexations, municipal land use law, agricultural law and environmental laws affecting farmers.

Residential Real Estate

Our residential real estate lawyers can help you with numerous real estate issues. Some of these include liens on personal property, mortgages and conditional sales; the Property Act of 1939; trusts of personal property; certification of trusts; land surveys; mortgages and mortgage moratorium; rights of aliens in land; examination, registration, licensing and bonding of abstracters; bankruptcy; and relocation assistance for persons displaced by acquisition of real property. We have extensive experience in residential real estate law and are available to guide you through your legal issue.

Property Tax Appeals

Our attorneys’ expertise includes property tax exemptions, tax grievances, mortgage registration protests, the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation appeals; economic development and industrial revenue bonds, funding adjustment applications of governments entities, and state-assessed property.

Commercial Litigation

Our experts in commercial litigation can help you with breaches of contract, employment disputes, business dissolutions, disputes over non-complete clauses, civil RICO (racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act), breach of fiduciary duty, franchise issues, shareholder issues, partnership disputes, and debt collection, to name only a few.

Business Transactions/Litigation

We excel in representing clients in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, financing, restructuring, corporate and commercial law, transactional law, financing and banking, securities, copyrights, international transactions, bankruptcy and debtor’s rights. Other services include drafting and reviewing business plans; counseling on selection of entity formation and start-up services for-profit and nonprofit groups; drafting governing documents including bylaws; operating agreements and partnership/shareholder agreements; drafting, reviewing negotiating contracts, leases and licensing agreements; and representation on intellectual property issues.

Mortgage Law

The attorneys at Property Law Firm have a broad range of knowledge in mortgage law. We can help you deal with Kansas law SB 240, enacted March 27, 2009. Foreclosure is a difficult problem for homeowners. Our attorneys are experts in helping individuals whose homes have been foreclosed upon. They can assist you in regards to PLUS loans, redemption rights, Kansas’ Civil Code Provision of the Real Estate Act, Kansas’ Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program, and many other Kansas laws that affect you.

Eminent Domain Legislation

Eminent domain means that the government has the right to take private property for public use in return for fair compensation to the property owner. Eminent domain is a critical part of community development. Whether you own private or commercial property, we will represent you in challenging the government effectively and resourcefully. Learn More

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